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Client Testimonials

From $0 to $3k/month

“After working with Greg.. I got my first 2 clients. If you iterate consistently, and you listen to what he’s telling you.. you will get your results.

Justin Egliskis
- The Gentle Warrior

From $0 to $2k+/month

“He absolutely transformed my business.. after working with Greg.. I already landed the biggest deal I’ve ever done.. in just 7 days… it’s way profitable for me and I’ll continue to work with him.” (Ended up signing 2 clients in first 10 days)

Vincent Halls
- The Based Copywriter

$4.2k First Course Launch

“If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have this man on your team.. he’s helped me scale my business in so many different ways.”

Tia Maher
- Intuitive Gut Health Coach

New Business Launched

“Without Greg, I really feel that I wouldn’t have done anything. Since working with him, he’s helped me do so much and helped me build my confidence to get off the ground.”

Travis Volpe
- Holistic Health Coach

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